Thursday, August 30, 2012

LIVE from the RNC!!!

Like a whirlwind of monstrous proportions we are coming to you live from the deepest folds of Tampa, FL. That's right folks, FORCES, Unltd. is at the Republican National Convention and we have absolutely nothing good to say about it. In other news here is yet another cyber-collage from Alana Ponui. Say what you will about her, one thing is certain, she loves the psychedelic properties of water.
ALERT! Brad Banner, we repeat, BRAD BANNER!!! You have won the FORCES, Unltd. Caption Contest! You are saluted by many. Get in touch with us about your free dinner, which will be fed to you bite by bite at the FORCES, Unltd. Headquarters Break-Room. Are you hungry?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Battle of Twits

Another cyber-collage by Alana Ponui, using sources cited in last post. Now is a perfect time for a caption contest. Write a witty caption in the comments section and whoever comes up with the best caption will receive a delicious meal in the FORCES, Unltd. headquarters break-room! Now don't just write the first thing that comes to mind, really think on it. Let it marinate. When its nice and sodden, go ahead and click on that comment button. What are you waiting for? The results will be posted soon. Well, soonish.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did I Never Tell You That I Have A Food Blog?

Just kidding. We here at FORCES Unltd. would never even touch a food blog! In fact most of these artists don't even eat food! All loud proclamations aside, here is some food for thought: how clear are copyright laws concerning music videos on youtube? And here is some dessert for thought: who cares? This appears to be another stunning cyber-collage from Alana Ponui, Master of Appropriation. She has drawn from sources as varied as the Dire Straights video, "Romeo & Juliet," to a Georgian water conservation file share. Her classic disregard for water damage clearly highlights her Aquario-Shivic agenda. Feelings broadcast: more of these should be posted.