Wednesday, January 14, 2015

...But What Happens When a Little Becomes a Lot?

It has been over a year since our last post and that sort of thing can really leave a sour taste in the mouth of a blog consumer, but we've got good things cookin' over here in the FORCES laboratory.  That's right, the FORCES artists decided to take a little unannounced break, (sorry, fans!!!) each for their own reasons.  Millie Cindzer had a toe removed, then hiked along the entirety of Highway I-40 just to prove to her sister that she wouldn't be "walking all wonky for the rest of her life."  Richard Tuggz spent the past year in Australia with his hand in an echidna puppet, acting as ersatz mother to a litter of baby echidnas (puggles).  Alana Ponui was in the woods up in Maine. Every day she would row around the nearby lake, Lake Hole. Toward the end of the year she could boast to the few others that lived in the area that she could whip around Lake Hole in under forty-seven minutes, and not even break a sweat.  Scott Rideout stood from a crouching position way too fast and slammed his head into a utility pipe and spent the year in a coma. "It was a good year," was all he had to say about it.  But now they are all back, and all pistons are firing, and the juices of time are flowing toward a bright and productive future!
For all you people trapped inside a cage of ice right now, here is an eery number.  It could be from any of the freezing corners of the world,  and you'd better hope it's not near you.  The first person to write in and guess which FORCES artist is responsible for this piece gets the honor of having their own portrait done by the FORCES artist of their choosing. What a gas, right?