Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inchoate Phase, No Mayonaise -"Days of Reality"

As the days become shorter and shorter the spaces between each post seem to get longer and longer, don't they? We don't usually do this, but we thought it might be fun. This is an unfinished painting by Scott Rideout who complains that, "there is never a good seat at the opera." Why are we showing you an unfinished painting you may ask? Well, because we here at FORCES, Unltd. like to think that the creation process is like the eating of an apple from the flower stalk to the remnants of the calyx. the first bite in the northern hemisphere gives you a good basic foundation for what you are about to experience, and as your slimy ingestion orifice travels southward you begin to fully understand just what this apple's being is all about until you spit out the core, belch and sit back satisfied, fully aware of that apple's place in the multiverse. But maybe you grow tired of the apple (and this awkward metaphor) after one bite. You drop it like a stack of junk mail. The carcass of the fruit abandoned, rotting, slowly liquefying and sinking toward the earth's molten core. A smear on the ground is the only sign that it existed at all.