Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home on the High Plain

A home movie from Millie Cindzer, back from her traveling days. What do you think about THAT contradiction?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Victory: A Steaming Odoriferous Ghost

An excerpt from the script:
...He quickly regains his footing after stumbling into the rift.
HERO:I know you're there.
HERO:(Quickly turning around) I can hear your breathing, you stark-brained phantom! The portal has been opened, do not feign ignorance of what is to come next. Give yourself up to me lest we both pay the price of your greed!
PHANTOM:(Seeming to come from every direction)You will pay the price...(Chuckles) O! believe me! And the time for recompense is nigh, old friend.
A vast sucking sound reverberates throughout the earthen channel. It's source unclear at first, then gradually centers itself right behind HERO.
HERO: (Swinging his sword) Be done with you, foul shade!
But HERO hacks away at someone other than PHANTOM. Without realizing it he has...

Just a teaser for you and you and you from the brain and foot of Alana Ponui and the hand of Richard Tuggz.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waltzing Back In

We know. It will never happen again, and that is a hard, reliable and 100% guaranteed PROMISE. It has been over a month since our last post and that is a source of regret, shame and pain. Moving forward, you will see below this a glimpse into the world of a professional narcissist. No, we are not talking about Scott! This man has let his obsessive love for himself spiral out of control. The admiration he so craved has mutated into a hideous serpentine monster which has sallied forth into the third dimension leaving a void in his psyche that needs an occupant. Would you like to move in? The rent is cheap, and there is a backyard. You pay for garbage pick-up and cable/DSL/food/mistakes. It should be mentioned that this a project Alana Ponui has been working on, using the draftsman skills of Richard Tuggz. She made the story clear, but the format remains in the shadows. ("Leave it to Alana," is what her friends all say about her.) It could be a still from a short animation, an illustration for a video game cartridge, a wall projection, a letter to the pope...anything, knowing her. What a card, eh?